On the bank of the river, Parvati of Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh lies this well-known Paradise, Kasol. Scenic views, chilling atmosphere and far enough to escape from the hard-pressed and uncertain world. Peace start’s from the Parvati valley this what people around this space think.

It’s a well-accustomed place for mountaineers and trekkers likewise. It’s a gateway to Kheerganga trek, a holy place where Lord Shiva is supposed to have meditated for 3,000 years. The best destination to get peace of mind and enjoy the natural panorama with the sense of purity to your soul by the refreshing atmosphere of the region.

This tiny little Hamlet is on everyone's bucket list and those who have been here once, always look forward to coming back again.

Kasol has so many unexplored places still that it truly is a mesmerising place to visit. The main market is a very lively place and has a lot to offer for people who love shopping.

Away from the hustle-bustle of main Kasol market lies our cottage, Parvati View Homestay which is part of a beautiful 3 acre Plum and Apple Orchard. Once you step in here, it just transports you to a mesmerising world where you are surrounded by nature and peace all around you. The unobstructed view of the alluring Parvati River and The Mighty Himalayas ensures that you would not be leaving the bedroom balcony anytime soon. 

Parvati View Homestay is located on the junction of Manikaran and Malana Road, so, if you have any plans of visiting the famed Malana Village then it's just an hour's drive from here. Also, the beautiful Mateora Village and a hidden waterfall is located at a trek of about 20 minutes from our cottage.

You already might have seen this place documented in photographs but they cannot do much justice to the beauty this place is. Fantastic landscapes of the valley and beautiful river side make this place better than the regular. Do come and stay with us to experience what truly Kasol has to offer.

Parvati View Homestay is well connected by road and has ample parking space.


Even the engine that drives India’s economy needs a break; all the more when the drivers are Delhiites and Gurugrameen. While some might plan amazing holidays in India, others might not be able to look beyond the places nearby. Luckily for those living in Delhi NCR, there’s no dearth of an amazing weekend destination near Gurgaon.

One such place is “Rose Farm” by La Paz Stays, located just 3 kilometres from Tata Raisina apartments and 4 km from the famous Golf Course extension Road. The hilly terrain of place is plush with lush greenery. You can retreat from the chaotic life of Delhi and Gurgaon and relax amidst the peace and serenity of “Rose Farm”.

If you’re looking for a mellow and recreational spot, where you can just sip on your morning coffee overlooking the beautiful expanse of Aravalli range, and experience the comfort of cosy cottages, then this is the perfect detox for you.

For your plan of a homely weekend with your friends/family, we’ve a bunch of indoor and outdoor games, and not to forget the freshly prepared scrumptious spread of food anytime, from our café.

So if you seek fun, serenity and a close-to-nature experience, then do visit “Rose Farm” by La Paz Stays, behind sector 58, golf course extension road Bandhwari Village.